18/3/09 50 Cent Talks About Eminem's 2 New Albums

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18/3/09 50 Cent Talks About Eminem's 2 New Albums

Post  Sanjiv on Tue Mar 24, 2009 1:45 pm

As we previously reported, 50 Cent's new "Before I Self Destruct" album has been pushed back to make way for Eminem's upcoming "Relapse" album that will hit stores on May 19th. When asked about Eminem's album 50 says "It's great," the G-Unit said sitting between Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo last week. "You can't ask for more excitement from a hip-hop perspective than two Eminem albums," 50 said. "One is great. It's a treat. But the second one is exciting."

50 even went on to say "Actually, it was my idea for him to release two albums, because he had so much material over a time period," Fif added. "The [second album] kind of feels like a sequel. They're both written to one album topic almost, that it felt like part one and part two of the [same album]. They tie together."

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