Eminem backs Barack Obama

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Eminem backs Barack Obama Empty Eminem backs Barack Obama

Post  Sanjiv on Thu Oct 23, 2008 9:40 pm

American rapper Eminem has declared his support for Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.
The Stan hitmaker hopes that Obama will rectify the mistakes of President George W. Bush.
He says that he has decided to vote in Obamas favour because the country “needs something to change”.
“I”ll vote for Barack. I can”t get too political because I don”t know enough (about the candidates” policies), Contactmusic quoted him as telling the BBC.
“I mean, I know we are going into a recession. Pardon the cliche but we need something to change. I think Barack would be a breath of fresh air, to get in there and actually get what’’s left of the Bush administration out the door,” he added.

Source: TheIndian
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Eminem backs Barack Obama Empty Re: Eminem backs Barack Obama

Post  Bunny Rabbit on Mon Oct 27, 2008 5:22 pm

yeah mayn, Obama damn fuckin betta than McCain...

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and the ones who say i can't.

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