Forum groups, rank titles, w4rez arena info., V.I.P. membership, etc

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Forum groups, rank titles, w4rez arena info., V.I.P. membership, etc

Post  Sanjiv on Sun Oct 26, 2008 5:40 pm

Yo wassup guys? Just wanted to inform you all about the forum user groups, ranking system, w4rez arena info, V.I.P. membership,etc...

Administrators : This group won't have any more members. The admin is the founder/administrator who builds the forum and keeps the forum alive with everything...

Moderators : This group help the admin to keep the forum running.
News poster : This group keep all the Eminem Fans Updated With all latest Eminem/Aftermath/G-unit/Shady records etc news!!!

Trusted members : This group are for all people whom all other members and I feel are trustful and particular.

Special members : These members are V.I.P. and help the admin keep the forum up to date and running!

Rank Titles:
Sub-Lieutenant : 50 posts
Lieutenant : 100 posts (W4rez arena access)
Lt. Commander : 500 (VIP) (W4rez arena access)
Commander : 1000 (VIP) (W4rez arena access)
Captain : 3000 (VIP) (W4rez arena access)
Commodore : 5000 (VIP) (W4rez arena access)
Admiral : 10000+ (VIP) (W4rez arena access)

*You get access to W4rez arena only when you complete 100 posts+...

*Offer: Become a VIP member by completing 500 posts only...
You don't have to pay to become a VIP member here...

What all you get in VIP arena:

1. Tons of Rapidshare, Megashare, And Megaupload
Premium Accounts (Always Available)
2. Tons of Premium W4rez Accounts
3. Original Legal Software with Licenses
4. Private FTP's, direct links to all stuff
5. H4cking tutorials
6. H4cking exploits, shells, etc...
7. Scripts to make social networking websites like Orkut, Your own Youtube site, Own hosting site, Own image hosting site, etc...
8. XXX stuff
9. Request anything you want...
And get more tons of cool stuff in VIP!!!

Offers in Eminemisgod include rapidshare, Megaupload premium account forwards, free h4cking tool forwards, yahoo voice 100 mins, etc... Its free, you will get the offer only if you are lucky... you just have to reply like "I want this"... and i will send it to u by pm or in your email id... buh there are limits like offers for only 5 people who reply n stuff... y'know wat am sayin?

Will be updated when needed

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Re: Forum groups, rank titles, w4rez arena info., V.I.P. membership, etc

Post  Bunny Rabbit on Mon Oct 27, 2008 5:14 pm

fair nuf bugg.....

Fuck the haters.the Fakers
the people who think who kno me
the ones who wanna bring me down
the liars.the unappreciative people
the 2faced assholes ~ cheaters + deceivers
and the ones who say i can't.

(~Stop Rockin Fake Shytt~)
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