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Post  mrfortyseven22 on Sat Apr 17, 2010 10:18 pm

I posted this the other day on the main site under the request songs thing, but I figured I may as well repeat it here:

Let me explain:

I have two versions on my computer.

One is 4:37 long, and has a nice “starry” sounding (for lack of a better word) 22 second introduction before the sinister music kicks in. Eminem first says, “My Words Are Weapons” at 0:41. The problem? It’s censored, which is of course irritating.

The second is 3:45 long, and skips the nice intro, going right to the sinister music, and Eminem first says, “My Words Are Weapons” at 0:19. This version, however, is uncensored.

Furthermore, the uncensored one continues on instrumentally for about 30 seconds after the final course, whereas the censored one takes about 6 seconds or so.

Is there any copies of this song which are the full 4:37 long, with the full intro and outro, but also uncensored?




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