Jem Plans Eminem Collaboration

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Jem Plans Eminem Collaboration Empty Jem Plans Eminem Collaboration

Post  Bunny Rabbit on Sun Feb 08, 2009 11:15 pm

Jem has revealed she wants to collaborate with Eminem on a future track.

The singer has already sent a song to the Detroit rapper, in the hope they can team up in the studio. "It's a track called 'You Will Make It' and I sent it to him with a note saying: 'I think we should hook up'." Jem tells the Daily Star.

"The track is about losing someone and I wrote it the day after his friend Proof was murdered. I was in Detroit with Eminem's friends, who I happened to be recording with, when it happened. I hope I hear back from him."

Jem has just given her second album 'Down To Earth' a release in the UK this week, featuring the single It's Amazing. Eminem is expected to release his own comeback album 'Relapse' later in the year.


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