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[Eminem/D12 download Rules] - Read before posting Empty [Eminem/D12 download Rules] - Read before posting

Post  Sanjiv on Sun Oct 26, 2008 12:31 am

Sometimes its just hard to identify these Download stuff, from which site they are from and shit like that... ain't it? Let's make it easy by following certain rules... If you don't wanna follow these rules, then just get the fuck outta here and be banned... happy

[Format] - Server - Artist....Album/Song
[Audio] - RS - Eminem - The Eminem Show

It's a simple rule, but if anyone has any confusion about it, please Pm me any of the mods. Anyone who doesn't follow this rule will have their topic edited, and receive a warning by p.m. Continuous mistakes may result in a ban... and if you keep on doing it, you will be permanently banned!!! :D

Instead of posting Audio and Video tags, make 'em more specific.

Audio tags: MP3, ALBUM, ETC.

I will now edit topics to incorporate this change.

Also a quick glossary:
RS = Rapidshare.com/Rapidshare.de
DL = Direct Link
MU = Megaupload
DF = Deposit Files.com
FH = Fileho.com
UF = UpFile.com
USI = Yousendit.com

many more rules and stuff will be added eventually...

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