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Post  Mr_Storm on Tue Jan 20, 2009 11:55 am

Okay, I really don't know much about Eminem/rap (really, Eminem is the only rapper I reallly listen to, I prefer metal, why I even like Eminem I'll never know but he's so fucking awesome), anyways, I was just wondering:

1) Where the FUCK do all these bootlegs come from? Like, seriously, Psycho, Don't Call Me Marshall, Diss Me Diss You, Off The Wall, Fucking Crazy, Shady Lane, The Freestyle Show, Get The Guns, and their's like 200 more. Seriously, who makes these? Does Eminem, and if so why are they not official? Honestly, I am lost.

2) Is Straight From the Lab EP (or is it just called Straight From the Lab?) official? I heard over in Europe it was. If so, what's the actual cover, because a Google Image search reveals like four candidates.

3) On Eminem Presents The Re-Up, is "Billion Bucks" a bonus track?

4) Would "Fuckin' Backstabber" by Soul Intent be considered an official Eminem album?

Anyways, thanks in advance.

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Post  Sanjiv on Tue Jan 20, 2009 2:43 pm

Hey Storm, welcome to the forum...

Well the answers to ur questions are as follows:-

1) Well bootleg is an advanced demo tape kinda thing... An artist makes bootlegs fo his fans and a bootleg consists of many unreleased songs, tight songs, y'know what i mean? Btw bootlegs are not at all official, they are just released on the net... some of Eminem's bootlegs are just fake... Some are real -- that is eminem only publishes it...

2) You can't get his bootlegs in stores as far as i know!!! Though, you may get Straight from the lab EP in a few stores... like the collection was commercially released in Europe by Universal Music, with the addition of several unrelated bonus tracks. The most used straight from the lab (EP) cover is

3) Yes. Billion bucks by Stat quo is a bonus edition track...

4) Nope. It was just a demo tape u can say...
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Post  Bunny Rabbit on Wed Jan 21, 2009 5:47 pm

aiiyo Storm
welcome to the forum boyaa..........
hope ya got ya answers
n'joy & yeah do stay active Basketball Basketball

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